American Music Cues in Dramas

I notice this the most in the Hong Sisters dramas, but there are others that are just as savvy in their use. Wendilynn points out that the lyric is “dancing Jews” rather than dancing juice. In my defense I saw dancing juice on many of the lyrics sites.  Thought it was a reference to alcohol. Eh. live and learn.

American Music in a K drama

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Dramafever Video Drama Club

Taleena and I are taking part in Dramafever’s Video Drama Club.  That was sort of what got us started on our own vlog idea.   Here’s the last two episodes we took part in.

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Blogging update and a new video project

A lot has been happening for the Kimchi crew this last month.  Most of it has dealt with the insane amounts of blogging we are doing for Dramafever.   We’re busy on 3 different drama clubs, which means this blog has seen some neglect.   My computer also died 3 weeks ago and Iosing 10 years of information didn’t help.  Thank goodness this blog is hosted.  But the articles I had plan to release were a goner.   However,  all is not lost and we’re keeping busy.

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