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Funny or thought provoking memes found around the internet or created by us.

We have a facebook page now!

Due to life, this blog has been horribly neglected with postings.  We are actually very busy doing video and blog show reviews for Dramafever but I just never remember to post here.  So, I started a facebook page  so that it will be easier to share the crazy thing we enjoy and laugh at.   Take the link and like us.

Also, here is the Pinterest board where I put all the video drama club episodes  Dramafever Video Drama Club

have fun and come join us!


Laughing at Ourselves

Memes are fun things.  They are great ways to poke fun at ourselves and our hobbies.



communication is a good thing….or so they tell me.

Why I can't be a heroine

If I woke up and Fruitloop was sitting next to my bed, I’d be hard pressed to say, “something’s not right here”.   LOL


My kids just roll their eyes at me, but my oldest often gives me that look when I’m in zombie mode. lol