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We have a facebook page now!

Due to life, this blog has been horribly neglected with postings.  We are actually very busy doing video and blog show reviews for Dramafever but I just never remember to post here.  So, I started a facebook page  so that it will be easier to share the crazy thing we enjoy and laugh at.   Take the link and like us.

Also, here is the Pinterest board where I put all the video drama club episodes  Dramafever Video Drama Club

have fun and come join us!


March 2nd update

So much is going on!!

After a year of  volunteer recapping for Dramafever,  I was able to apply to join their news team in December.  The last 3 months have been a whirlwind and beyond awesome.  This blog has experienced serious neglect because both Taleena and I are working for DF news.

We are both still recapping shows for DF but we’re also producing news articles.  Both of us are enjoying ourselves immensely.   I love being able to tell people that I get paid to write about my hobby.  The look of jealousy on their faces is a balm after having lost my previous career and struggling so long to find something my new circumstances will allow me to do.

I love it.  I can’t believe I get paid to do this.   Make sure to look at our articles, as there are bonuses for individual views.  We’ll try to remember to post them here. lol

Also, our current Drama Club recaps can be found on the recaps page.   We are currently reviewing Blood,  Kill Me Heal Me, Dear Mom and Hyde, Jekyll and Me


Blogging update and a new video project

A lot has been happening for the Kimchi crew this last month.  Most of it has dealt with the insane amounts of blogging we are doing for Dramafever.   We’re busy on 3 different drama clubs, which means this blog has seen some neglect.   My computer also died 3 weeks ago and Iosing 10 years of information didn’t help.  Thank goodness this blog is hosted.  But the articles I had plan to release were a goner.   However,  all is not lost and we’re keeping busy.

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So Much Fun

This week saw myself so busy I could hardly think straight.   I feel like a zombie, I’m so tired, but I wanted to get these links up before I passed out as tomorrow starts our second week as the Bride of the Century Drama Club.  I had so much fun with Firnlambe and Taleena.  For several days as we dealt with trying to meet our deadlines even though the computer decided to not accept uploaded images, or recognize that we were authorized to post on it.   We laughed and cried so much this week and I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.  I loved being able to spend several days talking about what we liked and didn’t in this new drama.  I just don’t get that with my normal circle of friends.  I need more kdrama addict friends!  lol!

So here we go, if you’re already on Dramafever then these are old news to you, but I’m still sharing.

Part 1      Part 2


Thoughts on beginning something new

I love watching my dramas.   Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese….it doesn’t matter.  Love talking about them, but have no one I can really talk to about them.  Blogging about them is proving to be intimidating to start.   What do I do?  Review the ones that I’m almost done with?  (My Love from Another Star)  Or recap the episodes that I’m in the middle of?  (Prince of Lan Ling)  Aaaargh!  lol

I wish I had readers to ask advice on, but I’ve yet to share this blog with anyone because I’m not happy with my content yet.  So, if and when I do get this shared,  enjoy a little laughter at my confusion. lol



Snow and Slush

The last four days have seen an unusual amount of snow and ice descend on my city.  While we may see snow falling in the sky a few times a year,  the times when it actually lands and accumulates only happens every 4 or 5 years.   My neighborhood park has some GREAT hills to sled on and my legs feel like its been “leg day” for all four days. lol


Now we’re starting to thaw and the slush is thick since we got nearly 14 inches of snow and ice.   It was pretty while it lasted.

Where do I watch my Dramas?

There are two sites that I use to watch most of my dramas.   While Netflix has a nice starter set to watch,  If you want your latest updates for your favorite Korean, Japanese or Chinese language dramas, then there are a few choices.

My favorite is Dramafever, my next favorite is Good Drama.

There are those who really like a site called Viki, I can’t stand it.  Its hard to navigate and confusing as well, so the fact that it tends to have more content doesn’t interest me at all.  Dramafever is very easy to use and I consider the $10 monthly premium membership fee more than worth my time consider I ditched my cable when I wasn’t using it anymore.  All the sites are free to use if you don’t mind watching commercials.   I had no problem with it the first five months but after that I realized I didn’t need to pay 60 bucks for cable I wasn’t using.  Between Dramafever and Netflix, I have all the entertainment I could possibly shake a stick at for less then 20 bucks a month.   Good Drama is a free site where fansubs upload their work.  I like this site for the amount of Japanese and Chinese language dramas they have.

So there you go, that’s where I go when I’m looking for something to watch.


The start of rambling

Back in November 2012 I got sick.  Real sick.  More details on that later.   I was stuck in bed, not moving much and was bored out of my mind.  Flipping through Netflix I found some kdramas and because my sister had just come back from being stationed over in South Korea, I decided to give it a try.  After all, I’d grown up watching anime and so loved the story telling style.   After flipping through some options I picked the one that had a girl taking on bullies at her school.  Being a bullied kid myself, I was up for a good adventure.   The first episode of Boys over Flowers didn’t impress me much.  I thought this was glorifying class warfare and bullying, and it was like reliving 7th grade all over again. Then we got to the second episode were Jandi lays out Jun Pyo with a flying kick and I was all in.  I went on to watch City Hunter,  My Princess and You’re Beautiful and I was hooked.

I don’t have any friends who also like watching kdramas like I do so I started this blog so I can talk to whomever about something I find a passion in.    I also was an event DJ for 15 years and so love asian pop music.  So while I’m not planning on being your standard gossip site, I will talk about those stories and dramas and songs that interest me.