Blogging update and a new video project

A lot has been happening for the Kimchi crew this last month.  Most of it has dealt with the insane amounts of blogging we are doing for Dramafever.   We’re busy on 3 different drama clubs, which means this blog has seen some neglect.   My computer also died 3 weeks ago and Iosing 10 years of information didn’t help.  Thank goodness this blog is hosted.  But the articles I had plan to release were a goner.   However,  all is not lost and we’re keeping busy.

Taleena and I have a new project we’re working on.  We’re going to join the legion of kpop/kdrama vloggers and team up with some close friends to talk online about our favorite kdrama shows and items of interest we come across.   We have no idea what we are doing but whatever this turns into, we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Staring Aunnie and Firnlambe, Taleena and Myself and Taleena’s sister Miri,  we’re going to call ourselves  Kdrama Seoul Sisters.  Yeah, there is a play on words being used here.

This first trial episode we’re talking about After School Club:  Lucky or Not.  Primarily episode 8, which was the Horror movie episode.  Halloween, horror, you get the idea.   We’re also very excited for whenever they get around to releasing season 2.

Let us know what you think of our first trial run.  Comments on what you think of the LON series leave below.

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