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We have a facebook page now!

Due to life, this blog has been horribly neglected with postings.  We are actually very busy doing video and blog show reviews for Dramafever but I just never remember to post here.  So, I started a facebook page  so that it will be easier to share the crazy thing we enjoy and laugh at.   Take the link and like us.

Also, here is the Pinterest board where I put all the video drama club episodes  Dramafever Video Drama Club

have fun and come join us!


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Video Drama Club 5.24.16

I absolutely loved Descendants of the Sun.  I have a brother-in-law who is a medic on the army and so it was great to watch a show that reflected a lot of how he feels about being  a soldier and a doctor.  The video drama club talks a little bit about what we liked.   Also,  Song Jae Rim was absolutely adorable in Thumping Spike.  *sigh*    loved him.


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Dramafever Video Drama Club – Madame Antoine and Marry Me or Not

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Beautiful Liar and the bipolar nature of breaking up

When I first heard that Vixx was making its first sub unit, I was so excited.  The teasers wetted our appetite and built anticipation. When LR released Beautiful Liar it was beautiful and haunting and I just loved it.

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Dramafever Video Drama Club Ep 13

The gals and I are talking  Team Sung Yeol or Team Gwi  from Scholar who walks the Night, and really,  can you choose between two charismatic vampires?  We also laugh about the hilarity that is Oh My Ghostess!


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Mr. Brain – A Review

So, I was introduced to the quirky acting talents of  Takuya Kimura through a show called Ando Lloyd. Fun quirky little show about time travel and an android.    As any good drama addict does when you find a good actor you like, you have to check out what else they’ve done.   The neat thing about this actor is that he’s very versatile.  You are going to be able to find something in some genre  that will fit your taste.

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Video Drama Club: Orange Marmalade and School 2015

We are talking about Bullying, Vampires and how in the HELL can you kill off a main character in Episode 4?!!!!

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Video Drama Club – Sensory Couple and Jeju Island Gatsby (Warm and Cozy)

Taleena and the rest of the VDC  dish about Nam Goong Min’s abs,  music and our impressions of Sensory Couple and Jeju Island Gatsby.

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New Drama Clubs start

Taleena and I are starting new Dramaclubs  on Dramafever.

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A Fan’s Big Bang review of Bae Bae and Loser

I really like Big Bang.  They were one of my first loves in Kpop and Monster still sits as one of my all time favorite songs.   So I was really excited for them to start releasing their videos for their album MADE.  So without further ado, lets start with Bae Bae.

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