American Ajummas……who are they?


How to describe this Ajumma?

My name is Wendilynn and I’m a single mom of 3 kids. Two are already over 21 and my youngest is ten.  Yeah, I know, I don’t think I look old enough either.  lol  I’ve been an event DJ for 15 years and am a cancer survivor.   The latter issue forced me to spend a lot of time resting and that was how I found my first Kdrama.   Now,  I was introduced to anime when I was 8 years old with the American run of Star Blazers (which I have on VHS).  Most others of my generation watched this or Robotech as their first introduction to Asian entertainment.  Followed by various others (Voltron, etc..)  we all became hooked on a great way of telling stories and for me I really loved how big and expressive the eyes were.  I have a thing for eyes, go figure.

I live in Portland, Oregon and spend a lot of my free time watching Asian dramas.   I don’t really have a lot of local friends who watch it so I started this blog to have somewhere to indulge my interest.   As I was starting this blog I just couldn’t come up with a clever name for it.  I asked my facebook friends for some ideas and my friend Danae came up with the title you now see.  I loved the double entendre of the title, combining a Korean staple with the title to an old American soap opera.

I’m also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   Being LDS, I appreciate cleaner entertainment and while I can drool over a chocolate ab’d flower boy with the best of them,  I appreciate the cleaner story telling style of most dramas.  I love that they don’t jump in bed on the second date.  I love how they draw out sexual tension so that you get to enjoy that deliciousness as they learn about each other.   As much as TV shows and movies are about fantasy,  the fantasy shown in Asian stories is slightly healthier examples then you get in America.   I also love the involved story lines.   Yes, many dramas follow a pattern, but then you get developed twistedness like Nice Guy or After School where you think its going in one direction and whoa…….left turn!   I prefer subtitles to dubbed because I prefer the original voices and since I love reading, it hooks me in even more.

That’s probably more than you needed to know, but it’s my blog. 😛



Who is this Ajumma?

Taleena is a writer, musician, baker and mom of three.  She has worked for three libraries and considers them her natural habitat.  She is still trying to get her husband of 20 years to share her love of K Dramas, but watches them avidly with her sister.  She lives on an island in Puget Sound with Taco Cat, harbinger of rodent death, and Jayne the World’s Hairiest Collie.


We also do joint posts with Aunnie, Firnlambe and Miri.    You’ll find links to their blogs in each article we share.


6 thoughts on “American Ajummas……who are they?”

  1. Hi – I found your blog through “Drama Club” on DramaFever. I’m also an “ajumma” who loves KDrama. Like you, I find the Korean shows much more diverse with better messages – U.S. shows are predominantly “murder of the week” and sleaze. Anyway, I look forward to checking out your posts.

  2. i live in Texas. mom of 3 Adhd boys and 3 crazy dogs. i love everything kpop and kdrama. of course everyone thinks i am crazy. i still watch/ read/ learn every chance i get. so far my favorite show hands down is: Personal Taste. my favorite actor so far is Rain. Favorite kpop group: Shinee! okay i could go on for hours but ill stop here. 😛

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