New Drama Clubs start

Taleena and I are starting new Dramaclubs  on Dramafever.

Taleena is reviewing Jeju Island Gatsby (warm and cozy) and I’m doing the  the vampire webtoon Orange Marmalade.  Both shows are off to a great start.  You can catch Taleena’s first article here.  And my first article here.

I”m also linking my three articles from this week.  I can’t believe I never remember to do that.  lol

Here’s one on Shinee sharing what makes them odd.


Another on Ji Chang Wook being absolutely freaking adorable.  I’m still tempted to change my name to Mary so he’ll follow me home in that lamb costume.

LMH Jeju in May2

And Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Hyun are being eye candy.

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