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My adventures in learning Korean

So I decided awhile ago to learn Korean.  While I got the alphabet down, I’ve been having trouble getting vocabulary and grammar down.  I”m still very basic.  To help with context, I found the app HelloTAlk.

I really like this app.  Its a language exchange app and I think being an ajumma keeps everyone treating me nicely.  So far, nobody has been inappropriate with me.  I can recognize greetings, and I’m told that my pronunciation is understandable.  lol  That’s about as far as I’m getting.  What I do love is that I’m getting to see how this language is used and that makes a bunch of things make more sense to me.

Sensory Couple Episodes 1&2

I began Sensory Couple this week, mostly on the strength of Park Yoo Chun. The premise sounded wonky to me: a man without pain sensations, a girl who sees smells – love ensues! AND yes, that is partly true. What I was unprepared for was a show that managed to hit all my targets.

Park Yoo Chun is not the handsomest K drama actor out there, but has a huge charisma that infuses his scenes. Whether it is outsized comedy, a subtle humorous expression, or anywhere on a vast sliding scale from wistful to heartbroken, Yoo Chun embodies the emotional state of the character.

His female opposite is ably handled by Shin Se Kyung. She has the unenviable task of having to stare into the middle distance and express surprise, curiosity and disgust, but manages to do so credibly.

The Secondary Characters, are engaging. Many of the actors seemed to have been pulled wholesale from Modern Farmer. If the Gossipy Ahjummah or Kimbap Auntie show up I’ll laugh my head off.

Mystery. I’m a sucker for a good mystery and while Yoo Chun’s obsession with his sister’s death brings to mind his crazy focus in I Miss You, fortunately it’s handled with a lighter hand here – so far. The same actress playing Yoo Chun’s deceased sister in Sensory Couple, Kim So Hyun, gave a masterful turn as the younger version of his love interest in I Miss You.

I am eagerly waiting for episode 3, I haven’t been this engaged in a drama in a while.

This is My Uncomfortable Face

There are a lot of lonely people out there, but I get the serial killer heebie jeebies from this story. From the Nerdist: ” fans who purchase the premium edition of the as-yet untitled single, which will be available for preorder on February 20 for approximately $105, will receive a massive bedsheet emblazoned with Gackt clad in white or entirely in black.” This was the “prize” from his last single:


Kimchi Family Episode 4

Welcome back! We left Ho Tae remembering more about the day he lost his Dad, and episode four resumes with Ho Tae being called to the family dinner table which has been expanded to include the new chef, Hae Joon.  As they sit to eat, Hae Joon remembers meals of solitary grandeur as a child and leaves the table filled with emotion.


Hae Joon and Ho Tae are sharing a room.  Ho Tae is exasperated with Hae Joon’s fussy correctness and Hae Joon is too alarmed by Ho Tae’s gangster tattoos to complain about space hogging ways.

The next morning Eun Bi and Woo Joo find a letter from Mr. Lee in the seaweed telling the girls to remember their mother making the many different kinds of kimchi.  Kang San is left pondering what to do.

Ho Tae tracks down Eun Bi’s teacher as the next member of Heaven, Earth and Man to appeal to her good graces.  He offers to teach her self defense and asks that she hold off reporting on Eun Bi while he tracks Eun Bi’s mother down.  Later, Kang San also finds the teacher and brings her food.

Hae Joon samples the kimchi pastes fermenting in Heaven, Earth and Man’s pots. He is interrupted by Do Sik who ignores Hae Joon’s inquiries and defensive statements except to ask a question or two of his own.


Kang San and Ho Tae go to the market to replace the cucumbers Ho Tae scrubbed to oblivion and as they are returning, Kang San notices an Italian food restaurant that has a waiting line even off peak hours. She and Ho Tae enter and the cuisine sparks a thought Kang San can’t quite pin down. Kang San gets a call in the meal and she and Ho Tae hurry to meet Hyun Suk, the head of the food conglomerate attempting to buy out Heaven, Earth and Man.


Hyun Suk tries to persuade Kang San to sell, saying she wants to preserve the flavors, if not the traditions, of the Lee’s restaurant. Kang San responds that changing the traditional methods will change the flavors of the kimchi and kimchi pastes.  As she is quoting her father, she has an idea.  Bidding Hyun Suk good bye and good luck, Kang San and Ho Tae leave.  As they are leaving the business man and his driver come in and Ho Tae recognizes one of them from his half remembered memories.  The business man has a cryptic conversation with his driver.  It seems they are looking for someone.

Back at Heaven, Earth and Man Kang San shares her epiphany with Woo Joo: the seaweed should make Gardenia Kimchi Rolls.



Further, Kang San believes they could partner with the busy Italian restaurant and offer kimchi pairings that would be compatible with the the high end Italian cuisine.  The revenue could help save heaven, Earth and Man.  When Kang San approaches the owner with samples to explain her business proposal, she is rudely rebuffed.  She leaves in a temper, dragging Woo Joo – who is convinced that her slow understanding is responsible for the deal going poorly – leaving her samples behind.

kimchi 4.7

Ho Tae buys Eun Bi new shoes, and bonds with her more.  Kang San takes a request for a special party for the night heaven, Earth and Man is closed.  Eun Bi’s teacher arrives at Heaven, Earth and Man to return the empty food containers each of the Lee sisters has left with her and Do Sik draws her to the family table.  Like Hae Joon, she is a bit overwhelmed by the warm family dynamic.  Ultimately, she reveals to the family that she is going to break the rules and look the other way until Eun Bi’s mother can be found. Do Sik invites her to the family table at anytime.

kimch 4.8

Ho Tae, disturbed by the attraction he has for Kang San, steals both sister’s toothbrushes in a bid to get enough DNA evidence to confirm or deny his suspicion that Mr. Lee is his father.

Finally, a woman tries to plant tampered food on her plate at Heaven, Earth and Man.  Ho Tae follows her to find she has connections to his old gang.  He connects with his old underling to try and find out why the woman was there.


I’m not dead……well…maybe.

The last month has seen my life turned upside down.  My oldest son moved back home a week and a half ago.  I had one week of warning he was coming home.  I also started a temp babysitting job watching 4 children under the age of 4.

I”m exhausted by 7pm.  I swear, I will catch you guys up because its been insane.  I’m not dead, I swear.   Just comatose since all this activity has my chronic fatigue sacking me asleep by 8pm.   I woke up for a moment, so I thought I’d get this up so you guys know I’ve not abandoned my blog, I just have no energy to post what I’ve been doing.   That will change in about a week.  See you then.


Dramafever blogger….WOOT!!

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still.  Yes, we adjummas can be giddy too.   I’m going to be guest blogging on Dramafever with Taleena and Firnlambe on the new drama Bride of the Century.


Starring  Lee Hong Ki as our cold and aloof hero.  Yang Jin Sung is playing two parts as our heroine.  Rich girl runs away, poor girl steps in as substitute to save dying grandmother…..yada yada.   What she doesn’t know yet is that our hero’s family has a 100 year old curse that the first wife of the first born male of each generation will die on the wedding night and its not just a rumor.   We have a ghost, who clearly has some preferences on who she kills and for those of us feeling sad at losing an awesome supernatural story with the ending of My Love from Another Star, we have something to warm our hearts with.

This is going to be fun.