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Dramafever Video Drama Club picks for 2015

Taleena and I  give our top picks for a must watch drama of 2015

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Dramafever Video Drama Club – KMHM, Sweden Laundry, I Heard It Through the Grapevine

A few months ago I joined the Video Drama Club on DramaFever.  We have so much fun.    This week we review two dramas and react to a random clip.

I got to pick the clip this week.  I just have to say that Shin Se Gi never fails to make me smile.


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Cellos are just sexy… yeah, that’s it.

Park Bo Gum is quickly becoming a favorite as he continues to steal our hearts on Tomorrow’s Cantabile.    Here’s a photo shoot  video he did posing with that sexy cello.

Don’t mind the drool…. *grabs a towel*


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A Professor’s take on Kdramas and some other humor

While reading up on some drama news I saw an article on Dramafever about this economic professor who wrote a humor paper on his love of Korean dramas and what he had learned.  The paper deals with the hilarity and craziness of the kdrama mother.  A character for whom their own child is God and every potential mate the spawn of hell come to corrupt their child’s perfection.  Its funny reading and so I give you the link to his school website and look for the paper called “Introductory Korean Drama”.

Also,  here’s a youtube video from someone also talking about some of the things you may learn from Korean dramas.  LOL!


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I’m busy trying to figure out how to activate some of the cooler features of this theme I’m using and becoming very frustrated.  So, Lets listen to a little Beast’s Midnight.

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Get moving on your Monday morning.

Love this group.  Good music, excellent dancing, just all around nice boys.  Doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes either.  ;)

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