Movie and DC updates

Taleena and I have been busy girls lately.    We are on so many drama clubs for Dramafever that this poor little blog gets sorely neglected.  I’ve updated  the links to our most recent articles for Tomorrow’s Cantabile, which just ended.  *sob*    Also updated Say I Do Again,  Modern Farmer, Greatest Marriage,   High School Love On and  Mr. Baek.    We have also started two new ones.  The second season of  After School: Lucky or Not has finally started.  *YAY*    And we are taking on a historical in The King’s Face starring  Seo In Guk and our favorite psychopath Shin Sung Rok.

I also did a recent  DF movie review for Lady Daddy which was a sweet film.

Laughing at Ourselves

Memes are fun things.  They are great ways to poke fun at ourselves and our hobbies.



communication is a good thing….or so they tell me.

Why I can't be a heroine

If I woke up and Fruitloop was sitting next to my bed, I’d be hard pressed to say, “something’s not right here”.   LOL


My kids just roll their eyes at me, but my oldest often gives me that look when I’m in zombie mode. lol