Mr. Brain – A Review

So, I was introduced to the quirky acting talents of  Takuya Kimura through a show called Ando Lloyd. Fun quirky little show about time travel and an android.    As any good drama addict does when you find a good actor you like, you have to check out what else they’ve done.   The neat thing about this actor is that he’s very versatile.  You are going to be able to find something in some genre  that will fit your taste.

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Super Junior makes me laugh till I cry

In what may be the funniest teaser trailer for an upcoming album release I have ever seen, Super Junior proves that their sense of humor never fades no matter how tired these boys get. lol

I was laughing so hard that I was tearing up and my stomach hurt.   Warning:  Breathing may be difficult while watching this.   *chuckles*

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Fangirl problems

Well… as least I’m not this bad.   Yet!    lol


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Blue eyes do it to me again

I’ve been contemplating how to do this post for awhile, but I’m so done worrying over it.  Its time to fan girl about my favorite physical feature.  And the Idol group who cashed in on it.

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