Actors who know how to kiss

Over on I have two articles talking about male actors who don’t foul up in the kiss department.   I talk about 20 actors who know how to do it right.

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Video Drama Club: Orange Marmalade and School 2015

We are talking about Bullying, Vampires and how in the HELL can you kill off a main character in Episode 4?!!!!

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My adventures in learning Korean

So I decided awhile ago to learn Korean.  While I got the alphabet down, I’ve been having trouble getting vocabulary and grammar down.  I”m still very basic.  To help with context, I found the app HelloTAlk.

I really like this app.  Its a language exchange app and I think being an ajumma keeps everyone treating me nicely.  So far, nobody has been inappropriate with me.  I can recognize greetings, and I’m told that my pronunciation is understandable.  lol  That’s about as far as I’m getting.  What I do love is that I’m getting to see how this language is used and that makes a bunch of things make more sense to me.

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Popular Kiss Types in K Dramas

My article on DF about popular kiss types you’ll find in Kdramas. 

OMe3a_about to kiss

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Video Drama Club – Sensory Couple and Jeju Island Gatsby (Warm and Cozy)

Taleena and the rest of the VDC  dish about Nam Goong Min’s abs,  music and our impressions of Sensory Couple and Jeju Island Gatsby.

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