Catching up. Two drama recommendations

I’ve been asking my body this question for a month now.

Gotta love nerve damage.  Not really, but its now a part of daily life for this cancer survivor.  What really sucks though is when you screw up your shoulder and set off the damage nerves in your arm  to new heights of burning and torture.  Oh yeah… the last 3 weeks…  um…. we don’t really need a whole arm…right?   I hadn’t felt this bad since the original surgery.

One benefit of my nerves from hell was that I spent a lot of time in bed.


I wish.  lol!

I am single and dateless and that meant that I had plenty of time to catch up and discover some new dramas that I hadn’t had time to get to know.  Even some new faces to drool over and appreciate.

Lets start with A Witches Romance.  Now,  I had mentioned earlier that I didn’t care for the site because I felt it was confusing and hard to navigate.  That is true for the desktop version.   Being stuck in bed, I was forced to try the Iphone app to watch this drama since Dramafever didn’t have it yet.  Oh my gosh….SOOOOO much easier to deal with.  Now, on to what is probably the cutest of all the Noona romances I’ve seen so far.

Noona romances are a fun genre.  Most try to take themselves pretty seriously giving some validation for those May to December romances that happen in real life.   Korea is pretty traditional and these stories help get people more comfortable with these situations.  A Witch’s Romance, however,  pokes fun of itself and the genre as often as possible while giving you an adorable story to watch.


With Uhm Jung Hwa as our witchy noona and Park Seo Joon as our young dedicated lover, these two play off each other well.   Its a Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama My Queen.   Where I couldn’t finish My Queen because it took itself a little too seriously in the beginning, this version keeps a light hand and a good sense of the ridiculous the whole ride.   While the hottest and possibly funniest scenes in the entire series happen in episode 2, don’t let that turn you off.  The whole story is funny, adorable and loveable and you will absolutely fall for the chemistry between our lovers as they try to navigate the problems of these type of relationships.   This is on my favorites list and I will happily re-watch this over and over again.

The other new drama I marathoned was last years Panda and Hedgehog.


I don’t know how I missed this one last year considering I love Super Junior and Choi Jin Hyuk is a favorite.   The girl, Yoon Seung Ah,  may be more familiar to those who have seen I need Romance 3.    This was another good drama.  Lee Dong Hae plays a pastry chef with no memory before age 11.   Jin Hyuk and Seung Ah play childhood friends with a tragic past.   All three come together to find their place in the world of high end desserts while solving the mystery of missing memories.   The love story is sweet, but not what compels you to keep watching.  It’s actually the bromance between Dong Hae and Jin Hyuk that pulls you in episode after episode.   They start out as love rivals and quickly become best friends.   They are adorable together, even when the story becomes heart breaking.

Be warned, those suffering from food porn addictions will not find these episodes easy.  Don’t watch on an empty stomach or you’ll be heading to the nearest bakery to stop the flow of saliva from all the delicious desserts you’re going to see made.

So there ya go,  two recommendations worth watching.  I know I used the word adorable way too many times, but there really isn’t another word that better suits these two dramas.



I’m not dead……well…maybe.

The last month has seen my life turned upside down.  My oldest son moved back home a week and a half ago.  I had one week of warning he was coming home.  I also started a temp babysitting job watching 4 children under the age of 4.

I”m exhausted by 7pm.  I swear, I will catch you guys up because its been insane.  I’m not dead, I swear.   Just comatose since all this activity has my chronic fatigue sacking me asleep by 8pm.   I woke up for a moment, so I thought I’d get this up so you guys know I’ve not abandoned my blog, I just have no energy to post what I’ve been doing.   That will change in about a week.  See you then.