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Kimchi Recaps: Fated To Love You : K Episode 10

We’ve got one hell of a kiss welcoming us to the start of Episode 10.  Gun and Mi Young have confessed to each other and its all up for grabs now.  Will Mi Young finally get the family she always wanted to have with Gun and will he finally get rid of that stupid divorce contract?

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Fated To Love You : K Recap Episode 9

Gun, moved by the seduction of a crying and vulnerable Mi Young, kisses her cheek and in doing so, finally opens his heart to loving our quiet heroine.  Now, our adorable Hero must deal with the consequences of acknowledging that he loves his wife.   Anyone who is going to imagine Daniel as a gigolo has got it bad.  LOL!

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Fated to Love You: K Episode 7

Last episode left us with unexplained emotions starting to well up in our leading couple as well as  an intense staring contest between our leading men. Well brace yourselves dear readers, because this episode will have you *Squeeeing* your way through most, if not all, of it. Join Wendilynn and myself (firnlambe), as we watch Gun start to finally recognize the budding feelings that have started to grow deep down inside his heart and attempt to cope in the best way he knows how….

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Gun’s warm feelings for Mi Young start to really develop in this episode, leaving us the viewer with some fun moments of jealousy.  Gun, split between the woman he’s supposed to love and the woman he’s supposed to hate, finds himself struggling to keep boundaries in place. When he sees Daniel bringing Mi Young  home, he bristles.  Join Firnlambe and I as we  talk about how we felt watching Gun start to fall in love.

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Fated To Love You: K Episode 5

Finally!! Emotions have finally started to shift, even though the involved parties have yet to notice their respective change. Join Wendilynn and myself (firnlambe), as we watch episode 5 put our newlywed couple to the ultimate test. Keeping up the illusion that they’re your typical happy couple. Can they successfully fool the Lee family all while trying to continuously keep each other at arms length whenever they’re alone?

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Fated to Love You: K Episode 3

All hell breaks loose for Episode 3 as Gun and Mi Young discover that his Grandmother’s prayers have been answered.  All Gun wanted to do was marry his Se Ra.  It seemed enough, right?  Some (dragon?) juice later and he’s made love to the wrong woman.  Se Ra has run off to New York to follow her first love and Mi Young is now stuck facing the hardest decision she’s ever run into.

It all starts with Gun showing up at the law offices that Mi Young works at.  Mi Young was hoping to never run into her handsome stranger and low and behold, he’s a client.  Only…. he’s not so happy about the lawyer recommendation they are giving him.


Firnlambe: Priceless . . . just priceless. And Gun’s laugh, very appropriately placed.  Side note–I remember where I’ve heard it before. It sounds very similar to Doko Jin’s laugh in The Greatest Love.
Wendilynn:  I couldn’t stand Greatest Love because the male lead was so smarmy.  I never did understand the appeal of that character.  I just cracked up at this.  The opportunity of a lifetime just slipped through his fingers.  Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow.


The heads of the Lee family, feeling insecure because Se Ra has run off are now hedging their bets against the fear that Gun will die an early death and leave them childless.  They bring in the illegitimate younger son (played by Choi Woo Sik of Rooftop Prince) and his mother to live and work with Gun and their Grandmother.

Firnlambe: This mother/son duo seems more conniving than the originals . . .
Wendilynn:  I’m surprised they decided to make a family council that they have to accountable to. There are all sorts of issues this story deals with that would be much more difficult to smooth out if you have a bunch of “reputation to be protected” family watching over your shoulder.


Our sleazy lawyer still has not learned his lesson.  He approaches Mi Young to try and force her to help him get on Gun’s good side.  Word to the wise, don’t let the new boss hear you threatening the girl he’s championed. Your job prospects go downhill really fast.  (cameo note, can anyone verify that it is Choi Woo Sik, who plays the younger brother, who comes rushing in as an observer as a no name office worker with two female office workers?  He makes the neck slit motion after he says to fire the trash)

Firnlambe: This scene made me wholeheartedly ship this couple. I adore that Gun stands up for Mi Young in her work place while conveniently firing the man who’s been troubling her. Mwahahahaha!!! Let the subconscious attraction begin!
Wendilynn:  The look on his face seems to say, “Thank you for giving me a reason to get you fired”.   Gun was awesome in this moment as gallant knights usually are.


Good advice is hard to find, unless you have someone gentle and sensible in the next booth over.

Firnlambe: Damn you Choi Jin Hyuk!!!! I had no problems–none–in ignoring Dylan as a SLS catalyst . . . but you–you are portraying Daniel so gentle and sweet, that it’s difficult to not go “awww”
Wendilynn: Daniel is quickly becoming a favorite.  I’m more attracted to the softer gentle types over the brash and manly types, so his portrayal is right up my alley.


Gun finds out that the Island President was successful in keeping his scandalous video.  A trip to the lawyer informs him that while he has the right legally to sue them, all it would do is make him look like the big bad wolf. Looks like compromise with the islanders is necessary. Too bad the shiftless young brother finds the USB and makes a copy.

Firnlambe: See . . . didn’t I say they were conniving. Correct me if I’m wrong Wendilynn, but weren’t the originals not nearly so quick on the evil plot points? or am I mixing up my information.

Wendilynn: No, you are correct,  the hapless pair were more relaxed in the first one.  Mind you, they only had Grandma to deal with and she loved her younger grandson. There was no family council that had to be appeased. In this one, they’ve made them far more conniving to fit the situation.


How much more can this woman make his heart break?

Firnlambe: I adamantly hate characters like Se Ra, who believe their “loved” ones will never leave them no matter how terrible they treat the opposite party.

Wendilynn:  Gun has patiently waited for her for six years. This is not her first time ditching him.   She has every reason to believe that she can step on him over and over again and he’ll never leave her.


Mi Young is the youngest daughter of a very fierce Mama Bear. Its easy to take this woman has big and brash, but she is always looking out for her girls. Whether they want to or not.  Having to tell such a woman that you’ve gotten yourself knocked up…. not the easiest or safest proposition.

Firnlambe: I found this scene to be very realistic. That was refreshing. Not often do we get to see such a real reaction from a drama. But I still preferred how she found out in Taiwanese version more.
Wendilynn:  The T version uses a lot more campy humor, but I’ve noticed that seems to be a trend in Tdramas.  This version is trying to make it seem more realistic and I’m not sure if I really like it or not.  It loses a measure of its adorableness.  However, I do like that the sisters aren’t as dumb as they are in the first one, even if they aren’t as silly and fun to watch.


Mama Bear is fit to be tied, Gun is in her sights and he has no clue which way is up.  When Mi Young finally clues him in, he can’t hardly believe that its real.  Mama Bear is sure he’s nothing but a weasel who has used her meek daughter but Gun is not that sort of guy.

Firnlambe: I disliked how Gun’s character was introduced to the family. I really liked how he eavesdropped in the original version, I felt that gave him an excuse to become more emotionally attached to our Post-it girl.
Wendilynn: I have to agree with you completely here.


Daniel is on the hunt for his sister and gets a tip.  A girl matching his sisters background and description has been found.  Could it be his lost sister?

Firnlambe:  Have I mentioned how much I love hate Daniel? Seriously…

Wendilynn:  I don’t think so…. I mean… not in the last few sentences. 😉


The best news of all just reached Grandma’s ears.  She needs an heir as soon as possible and Se Ra was not going to be accommodating.  This is probably one of the few times you actually are happy to hear that not only did your grandson sleep with someone not his fiancee but that he knocked her up as well.

Firnlambe: I was worried I wouldn’t like this actress as our grandmother . . . but this scene changed my opinion. She’s just as excited in this version.
Wendilynn:  At first I think this was his mom.  I’m glad she is the grandmother though.  I also like Daniel’s reactions with her.


A long conversation needs to take place and Mama Bear knows exactly how to make that happen.  Gun is out of his depth and Mi Young would like nothing better than for it to be all over.

Firnlambe: I liked this scene just as much as the original . . . but I would have preferred the wishing box to include the wish of having someone love her. I know they connected them via their dead parents, but the same wish to be loved was much more meaningful.

Wendilynn: I missed that as well.  That particular wish also connects the audience to their story because we all carry that wish in our hearts as well.

So  Grandma is happy.  Gun is in shock.  Mi Young is scared and feeling desperately alone.   Mama Bear is fit to be tied.    What is in store for our fated lovers?   We’ll have to check out episode 4 and see.