Kimchi Recaps: Fated To Love You : K Episode 10

We’ve got one hell of a kiss welcoming us to the start of Episode 10.  Gun and Mi Young have confessed to each other and its all up for grabs now.  Will Mi Young finally get the family she always wanted to have with Gun and will he finally get rid of that stupid divorce contract?


While nobody has said “love” yet, Gun acknowledging that Mi Young is his wife and that he wants her to be is a huge step for this couple.

Firnlambe: I love that they had them become an honest couple before the inevitable collapse.

Wendilynn:  I did too.  We’ve been watching Gun fall in love with her for two episodes, its about time he recognized that fact in himself and with her.

ep10 shower

With the idea that he has a wife he wants, the wild animal side of Gun now wants to play.  However, he acts like he’s not used to this…..didn’t he have this with Se Ra?!!!

Firnlambe: I love this whole “Horny Hand” gag they have running throughout the series. Such a great bit to add that sense of realism to the show… it was an improv on Jang Hyuk’s part, which makes it just that much more entertaining.

Wendilynn:  I laughed so hard at this scene.  And also later when he sees her in just the towel and his hands go from “snail” to “horny” in an instant.  LOVED that.  However, he’s completely confused about all this, in six years he didn’t want to go wild with Se Ra?!!  How is it even possible that he didn’t want to get “wet and wild” with her?  Just what kind of relationship did they have that when he gets horny for his wife, he’s confused by it?

Firnlambe: I get the feeling that Se Ra was gone for most of their “relationship” for Ballet related things.

Wendilynn: That would actually explain a lot.


Never leave the sensitive documents out where the stupid step-mother can find them.

Firnlambe: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! I was really hoping they were gonna drop the scheming mother bit. She and her son serve no real purpose at the moment, so I was hoping they would just come to be a source of comic relief instead.

Wendilynn:  They were only a source of comic relief in the T Version.  She’s a bit more diabolical in this one.


Gun is excited to be a Dad and it shows. There’s only 7 more months till the baby shows up but you don’t want to risk not having the nursery ready.  

Firnlambe: This man…both “Gun” and his real counterpart Jang Hyuk…will make a great dad.

Wendilynn:  He’s already the father of two, I believe.  I love watching men get all mushy for babies.  I also loved that he was so natural and caring with Mi Young in this scene.


Finding out that they have the same birthday, Gun has made a special request for his gift. Little does Mi Young know that Gun also has something special planned for her.

Firnlambe: This was a nice little added twist. I don’t remember it being in the original storyline, so correct me if I’m wrong Wendilynn.

Wendilynn: No, I don’t remember this in the T version either.   I also thought this was sweet.  Daniel just looks annoyed.  He’s brimming with jealousy watching her paint for Gun.


Mi Young offers him something he’s never had before.  Family support.  Mom isn’t clued in, but little brother just fell in love (in a good way)  with his sister-in-law.

Firnlambe: YES!!! Reel him in Mi Young! Change his twisted ways and make him love you as the older sister he never had!

Wendilynn:  This character really did get the raw end of the deal growing up.  I was really glad to see Mi Young open her heart to this younger brother.  He really needs it. His reactions when he gets praise from Gun in the office is pretty funny too.


Let the freak out begin.  So much for a happy birthday.  For either of them.

Firnlambe: Screw this mother!! Seriously…what right does she think she has?!? Although to be fair…..this is partially Gun’s fault for leaving the document out in the open like he did.

Wendilynn:  Actually, in this case, its Mi Young’s fault.  She pulled it out of the drawer and signed it and left it there.

Firnlambe: Oooo that’s a good point. I forgot about that part.


The Elders are pissed and with good reason.  The Lee’s don’t want to lose their succession and Mom doesn’t want her baby girl hurt.  Nobody is going to get what they want.  Nor are they willing to listen.

Firnlambe: Aaand here’s why they kept the elders in. They needed a reason to kick Mi Young out and cause strife between her and Gun. Well I disapprove. First of all Mi Young needs to stand up to her mother and explain that that’s not how it is anymore. Plus they could have done a number of other things to make this same outcome happen.

Wendilynn:  I agree with you that Mi Young needs to stand up to her mom.  She will never have happiness if she keeps allowing everyone to dictate how she should be behaving.


Se Ra couldn’t understand why Gun’s left her.  Now with the news articles of the divorce paper, she sees a way to get her Gun back.  She rushes off to save the one thing she values.

Firnlambe: Can a meteorite just smash her plane to smithereens? Is that really too much to ask?

Wendilynn: I think I like how this version is working this story line of bringing her back.  Here its more her choice to abandon the dance company, not something being stolen from her by a jealous rival.


The Company is spiraling under the bad press.  The board, itching for a reason to take the company from Gun’s family is pressing their advantage.  All Gun can think of is Mi Young.

Firnlambe: As well a good husband should! Particularly in this situation.

Wendilynn: Very much so.  Gun is so obviously overwhelmed. With or without his medical history, anyone would be feeling out of it. I love that he doesn’t want to disappoint Mi Young again.


Daniel is fed up with watching MI Young get hurt by Gun time and again.   He’s stepping up his game.

Firnlambe: CUE full blown Second Lead Syndrome!! Sorry Daniel you’re still gonna have to get in line.

Wendilynn:  Its not fair to have two awesome and desirable men to deal with. SLS is a problem in this series, even though I’m fully on Gun’s side. What gets me here is that nobody has informed her that Gun is sick.


All the stress has built up and Gun’s poor mind collapses under the strain.  Rushed off to the hospital, fears are that his family illness has flared up…..only…  who does he see first?

Firnlambe:  Ok so we go with a fainting Gun instead of an almost miscarriage in this version…. got it. Also–how the heck did Se Ra make it to Gun’s bedside BEFORE his wife, who’s in the same damn country??!!? Someone please explain that to me.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I don’t get why nobody has called Mi Young yet either.  I figure with less episodes then the T version had, they had to get sort of drastic about making certain things happen.  I just hope the changes are worth it.

Mi Young is in a rough spot.  She has Daniel wanting her to be brave and she has a husband who is just starting to claim her.   Torn between two men, a baby,  angry  elders and add an interfering ex-girlfriend Mi Young is going to have her hands full.  Join us for the next episode to see just what happens now that Gun has had a medical emergency that he was afraid of.

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