Fated To Love You: K Episode 5

Finally!! Emotions have finally started to shift, even though the involved parties have yet to notice their respective change. Join Wendilynn and myself (firnlambe), as we watch episode 5 put our newlywed couple to the ultimate test. Keeping up the illusion that they’re your typical happy couple. Can they successfully fool the Lee family all while trying to continuously keep each other at arms length whenever they’re alone?


ep5 new maid

Mi Young has finally arrived to start her new life as Gun’s wife….but not everyone is happy to see her

 Firnlambe: This step-mom is really something else, I’m curious if this version will explain more on her back-story.

Wendilynn: She is certainly a trouble maker, that’s for sure. I almost….almost, feel sorry for her, because her position in the home is more precarious than Mi Young’s and she knows it.

ep5 sell the island

Why yes…yes he is…..but it’s all for the sake of REVENGE!!! Gun feels like Mi Young has trapped  him in an unfair marriage, so obviously he must pay her back the only way he knows how.

 Firnlambe: Crazy McCrazy Pants the upgraded version!!!

Wendilynn:  He’s certainly not running on all gears at the moment. Man, this guy needs a good wife..   oh wait.  He’s got one, he just doesn’t know it yet.  However,  selling the island isn’t going to keep her a good wife.

ep5 moms promise

Have no fear!! for Mother is here! Mi Young finally leaves the Island, but not before mom sits her down for a good Ol Fashioned heart to heart.

 Firnlambe: Honestly I like the Taiwanese version of this scene better….but to be fair you just can’t beat a mom who would ride a dolphin just to defend you if you called on her.

Wendilynn:  Mom knows better than anyone that her daughter will step back instead of fight.  She needs a champion.

ep5 its a lie

Frustrated that her efforts to worm her way into the family fortune have come up fruitless….Step-mother mistress and her wayward son are convinced that Gun is trying to pull a fast one on the family

 Firnlambe: Well now she’s just grasping at straws…Is it really so hard to believe that they could actually be expecting a child?

Wendilynn:  Totally grasping.  Good grief, they have an ultrasound picture for goodness sake.  How dumb does a person have to be to think Grandma would pull a fast wedding over a fake pregnancy? Although, as I said, desperate people do stupid things.

ep5 Ghostie

Baby Gun is hungry–So Mi Young goes to the kitchen–But then Daddy Gun gets hungry–The first night in a new place never goes the way you want them to.

 Firnlambe: OMG this was absolute gold! Such great writing.

Wendilynn:  I loved that she was hiding under the table but her feet were sticking out.  That’s not how you play hide and seek. ROFL!!

ep5 divorce paper

Startled by Daniel’s big white fluffy dog, Mi Young drops everything she has from cleaning out her work desk. Including the mysterious manila folder Gun told her to bring home. Thankfully our Post-it girl hasn’t looked at the contents yet……but Daniel has.

 Firnlambe: I liked how this was done better here…using a dog instead of a near traffic accident was a good call there Korea

Wendilynn:  Agreed. Daniel has even more reason to want to take care of Mi Young.

ep5 divorce paper2

Finally our Post-it girl is allowed to view the contents of her mystery folder. And much to her dismay it’s filled with divorce papers. What’s a nice girl to do?!? Why nix the outrageously huge alimony of course.

 Firnlambe: This woman is way too nice for her own good. Heed this boys! If a girl nixes the huge amount of alimony you’ve promised to give her on good graces alone…she’s probably a keeper.

Wendilynn:  Come on Gun, you need more sleep.  I know you’re mad but you really are going to regret making this.

ep5 overheard convo

With the divorce papers still fresh on her mind. Mi Young is forced to try and convince mom that Gun is indeed keeping her best intentions in mind. But while trying to convince her family that everything is indeed ok, she inadvertently ends up giving Gun a large dose of guilt.

 Firnlambe: He knows he’s doing the wrong thing but it’s Mi Young’s quite acceptance of everything he does that really gets to him in the end. I really do love that Mi Young is able to get under Gun’s skin like this….

Wendilynn:  Gun is surprised to hear Mi Young praising him, even though he knows he deserves to be slammed. Just one of the many kind things about Mi Young that slowly wins him over.

ep5 Grandma hits Gun

Grandma sees right through Gun and calls the situation for what it it is. Even bringing up old family wounds to get her message across.

 Wendilynn: Here, I’ll help. He needs a few more hits.  And maybe a good swift kick in the pants.

Firnlambe: Gun totally deserves this and he knows it…..but now I’m curious as to why Gun is so sensitive about his father.

ep5 massage

Nothing like a little forced intimacy to get things moving between our leading couple. I don’t think this is what the Queen had in mind when she forced them to attend the baby classes together.

 Firnlambe: Dear God this was hard to watch….my second hand embarrassment can be so annoying at times….I felt so bad for Mi Young, that must have been mortifying for her

Wendilynn:  I died during this scene.  Gun, trying not to be involved and then being dragged to the front of the room only to be told to massage her breasts.  *falls over laughing*

ep5 snail

Questions like “Has our snail eaten yet?” have started to slip out of Gun’s mouth without much thought, causing his board meeting to be sent into a state of chaos wondering if they had snail food listed somewhere in their notes. No matter how hard he tries….Gun has started to show genuine concern for our little snail.

 Firnlambe: This was adorable. Even though he tried not to show it, he has become concerned for Mi Youngs health without even thinking about it. The fact that he’s imagining snails is proof of that.

Wendilynn:  They really have this motif set in stone.  I saw some BTS pictures where they are doing the “snail” image with their fingers to say hi to fans.

Firnlambe: Really? That’s awesome! I love it when the production team releases a steady stream of BTS photos.

ep5 outta the car

Mi Young, regardless of her many protests, has been taken home by Daniel–mix in a broody Gun and let the subtle battle of the hearts begin!! He may not know why, but Gun is obviously not happy to see this mysterious neighborhood Oppa.

 Wendilynn:  What does one Alpha Dog do when he sees another Alpha Dog sniffing around his woman?   Get Jealous.  bwhahahahahahaha!!!

Firnlambe: I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Mi Young is blissfully unaware of what’s happening around her–she’s just happy to see Gun.

Wendilynn:  I don’t want to say she’s unaware.  I think she doesn’t want to read anything into his nice or jealous actions.  She still is running under the expectation that she gets divorced in 10 months.  Why allow your hopes to get raised in that situation?

Firnlambe: True….very true.


Well folks… Has the series been living up to your expectations? Or has it fallen waaay off the mark? Things are just starting to get rolling for our leading couple. Can they keep up their illusion of happiness long enough to fool all those doubters? Does Gun finally figure out that he really has no right to get jealous over who Mi Young decides to spend her time with. Or will Mi Young cave and return home? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you in episode 6.


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