Fated To Love You: K Episode 4

Gun is in shock and locked in a room. A decision needs to be made and thanks to Mom, Mi Young and Gun have to talk it out.  I only wish people would stop making unilateral decisions.  Come join Firnlambe and I as we discuss developments in episode 4.


“So I could freak out at home alone.”  Neither of them know that they had a little help getting pregnant.

Wendilynn:   Poor Gun. Poor Mi Young.  As he tries to find out what happened and how they got in this mess, besides the obvious, Mi Young has already made a decision that nobody is happy with.  I like that she doesn’t want to trap Gun, knowing that his heart belongs to another.  But her solution isn’t really a happy one, either.

Firnlambe: Agreed….I think it’s even worse because you can see the fact that she wants to keep this baby.
Wendilynn:  She would make such a great mom.


Mi Young’s childhood secrets.

Wendilynn: I’m glad they kept the wishbox.  I really wish it had the best wish from the T version in it, though.  The wish that was really the desire both of them wanted more than anything else.
Firnlambe: Again….I agree. The original wish was more personal and brought them together on a level this versions wish never could.


The cute side story begins.

Wendilynn:  Secretary Tak is so cute.  I really like how they started this side story.  At first, I was afraid that this Secretary was missing the flair that made the T version secretary so awesome. (Besides being portrayed by one of my favorite T character actors)  His goofy side does show up in odd moments.

Firnlambe: Awww but I miss the original sister/secretary electric shock interactions with mom physically cutting them off…those were classic. I find this Eonni to be a little more spacey than the original version. I don’t know, like shes got more of a flower power vibe to her or something.

Wendilynn: Agree completely.  That electricity bit was hilarious.  They seem to be taking a quiet approach to this side story.


Gun, willing to support Mi Young in any decision she makes, wakes up to find that Mi Young has taken action without him.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie….my initial response to this scene was … Dear God that girl looks like a devil ….. no seriously, doesn’t she? *ahem* But in regards to the actual plot, this scene was good, I had no qualms about it. It was just as impactful on how Gun feels about becoming a father on a subconscious level.

Wendilynn:  He’s wanted to be a father for a long time.  Only Se Ra’s passion for dance has stopped him.


When you need a friend the most, that’s when they appear. Daniel is at the hospital tracking down a possible lead for his lost sister.  Mi Young, trying to be brave, needs his quiet strength.

Firnlambe: This poor woman … I can’t even imagine what’s going through her head right now. Although I don’t remember Dylan being at the hospital. So having Daniel here now was an interesting twist on things.
Wendilynn:  This was a new tidbit, but it really shows the growing trust between these two. Considering where they are taking their relationship, this was a nice touch.


After listening to the heartbeat, Gun is desperate to stop Mi Young from making a decision he knows their hearts will regret.   Now, if he could only stop running into everything….

Firnlambe: OMG this was hysterical!!! I really liked this scene. It was so much better than the original versions.

Wendilynn: I was cracking up so hard. They just beat him up in this scene.  lol


Grandma desperately wants her great-grandson.  Gun also wants his child.  Too bad they disagree on wanting Mi Young.  Gun has another woman in mind for raising his child.  Grandma wants to see Gun married to Mi Young. Mom is not having any of it.  She is not about to sell off her child.

Firnlambe: The more I see her the more I like Mi Young mom. She stands up for her daughter….but in such a way that Gun is able to really see how Mi Young has been forced to live all her life.

Wendilynn: Its easy to take Mi Young for granted, but Mom will not allow her daughter to be neglected and stepped on. I used to not like this character, but I eventually saw that she understood the retiring nature of her daughter and that if she wasn’t gruff for her, she’d get all stepped on.


The villagers see a fast way of saving their company and their village.  Sadly, they all know that Mi Young can’t say no.

Firnlambe: I didn’t like how quick the villagers were to selling off Mi Young. Seriously people…. she’s a human being too ya know…. she’s got rights, which you are obviously ignoring.
Wendilynn: Desperate people do despicable things.


Realizing the precarious situation they are in, and Gun feeling that the mistake of that night is his fault, he decides to man up and do the right thing.

Firnlambe: This must have been tough on him…but with so much pressure from the Queen’s tower, I doubt he was able to find any other options they could take.

Wendilynn:  rofl @ Queens tower.  Yeah,  Gun was sort of stuck on his options if he wanted that baby.


While wedding plans are being quickly gathered together, elsewhere on the island, someone’s hopes are getting dashed.

Firnlambe: Awwww poor Daniel…..so close, and yet….so far.
Wendilynn: This was so sad.  The nurse was really sweet.  She would have made a good sister.


Gun calls Se Ra, who he’s been ignoring, to let her know the situation.  Only its her opening night.  Baaaaaaad Timing.  Gun chickens out and wishes her good luck.

Firnlambe: I knew he wasn’t going to say something….but a part of me reeeeeeeally wanted the Korean version to change things up and drop the bomb early.
Wendilynn:  This really shows how selfish and needy Se Ra really is.  She’s the one who left, yet Gun is the bad guy ignoring her?  I don’t think so.


Mi Young is beautiful.  Gun is feeling trapped.  Don’t all great marriages start this way?

Firnlambe: Such a bittersweet wedding. Mainly because Mi Young knows that Gun is basically sacrificing everything for the sake of his grandmother and this sudden child….and yet you can tell she feels some sort of happiness from all of this.
Wendilynn: She believes that even if Gun doesn’t love her, he at least respects her and will treat her gently.  For her situation, that’s good enough to start with.


Two hearts starting to beat as one….  wait, that’s not Gun and Mi Young.  Nope, its our Secretary Tak and Mi Sook.   After the wedding, their parting is such sweet sorrow.

Firnlambe: I really do miss the chemistry the original couple had…..but it’s still early, i’m sure the writers will surprise us. This couple has so much potential from a writer’s point of view.
Wendilynn: Agreed.  The writers also started this relationship a lot sooner than in the T version.


Sometimes, stupid people really should just keep their “good ideas” to themselves.  Cluing Gun into their secret ingredient for ensuring a long and fruitful night is just going to cause trouble.

Firnlambe: IDIOTS!!! WAE!!! why would you tell him this!?! although I did like how they went about telling him in this version….A drunk Gun is highly entertaining.
Wendilynn: lol!!  Crazy Gun is fun to watch to be sure.  Until this revelation, Gun had thought he was just an uncontrolled animal.  Now he has the clue to find out why he was.

ep4 Crazy McCrazy Gun snailep4 Crazy McCrazy Gun2

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

Firnlambe: HA! and I thought Drunk Gun was entertaining…..crazy McCrazy Pants Gun is even better…..and those snails!!! Gold! just perfect comedic gold!

Wendilynn:  The CGI snail is hilarious.  Until you mentioned them, I didn’t realize how many times they find ways to include a snail somewhere in many of these scenes.  Paranoid McCrazy Pants Gun is so funny.  He’s feeling trapped and psychotic. Poor Guy.  Sadly,  He doesn’t know Mi Young well enough yet to know that she fell into the trap too, not was part of it.


Psychotic McCrazy Pants is feeling the noose and has decided that Mi Young was in on it.  What does this spell for their new relationship?  How is he going to take it out on her?  He’s not thinking straight right now, for good reason, and that’s when the dumbest ideas are born.  Check back with us on Episode 5 to see what boneheaded thing he thinks up now.


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