Adorable Vixx post

Vixx in kindergarten?  Please.

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Beautiful Liar and the bipolar nature of breaking up

When I first heard that Vixx was making its first sub unit, I was so excited.  The teasers wetted our appetite and built anticipation. When LR released Beautiful Liar it was beautiful and haunting and I just loved it.

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Dramafever Video Drama Club Ep 16 – 18

My video drama review friends and I have got some fun opinions in these episodes.

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Dramafever DramaClub 14 and 15

I’m behind on posting as we’ve been getting ready to have my floors replaced in my apartment.   Let me tell you that all the work to clear out my old apartment paid off as my kitchen, dining room and bathroom looks great.  All the water damage is gone and its so pretty.

So, to update a few things, I’m posting the last two video drama club episodes.  We discuss who would we want to bite us in 14 and 15 we discuss the crazy fighting for love.





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LR first teaser trailer

The first teaser for the new Vixx sub-unit, LR shows Ravi covered in tattoos.  Now while I’m not a fan of tattoos, the comments on this video are going nuts over them.   The skull on the hand is an interesting visual touch.

Considering the fans are half dead from anticipation with just this.. when Leo’s teaser comes out, we all might just die for reals.  Leo, with his dark mysterious persona slays many a fan girl’s heart just by breathing.  If he’s doing the whole dark silent angel thing,  we won’t recover.


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Heirs vs. Pinocchio LOL!


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Dramafever Video Drama Club Ep 13

The gals and I are talking  Team Sung Yeol or Team Gwi  from Scholar who walks the Night, and really,  can you choose between two charismatic vampires?  We also laugh about the hilarity that is Oh My Ghostess!


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New Vixx sub-unit will probably slay the fandom

Vixx has created their first sub unit.

Leo and Ravi are teaming up to do serious damage to their Starlights.   The first teaser image has Leo in black (of course) and Ravi in white.  With Leo leaning his head on Ravi there is an intimacy here that is hard to resist.  White and Black Angels is what I thought of first right before my ovaries went into overdrive.

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Mr. Brain – A Review

So, I was introduced to the quirky acting talents of  Takuya Kimura through a show called Ando Lloyd. Fun quirky little show about time travel and an android.    As any good drama addict does when you find a good actor you like, you have to check out what else they’ve done.   The neat thing about this actor is that he’s very versatile.  You are going to be able to find something in some genre  that will fit your taste.

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Super Junior makes me laugh till I cry

In what may be the funniest teaser trailer for an upcoming album release I have ever seen, Super Junior proves that their sense of humor never fades no matter how tired these boys get. lol

I was laughing so hard that I was tearing up and my stomach hurt.   Warning:  Breathing may be difficult while watching this.   *chuckles*

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