New Vixx sub-unit will probably slay the fandom

Vixx has created their first sub unit.

Leo and Ravi are teaming up to do serious damage to their Starlights.   The first teaser image has Leo in black (of course) and Ravi in white.  With Leo leaning his head on Ravi there is an intimacy here that is hard to resist.  White and Black Angels is what I thought of first right before my ovaries went into overdrive.



Calling themselves LR  with a single title of Beautiful Liar,  this duo I’m sure will surpass all our expectations. Expect many fan girl heart explosions to start August 17th.  That will be a lot of funerals.  They will at least die happy.  *chuckles*

What will be interesting to see is if Leo is going to come out of his shell now that he doesn’t have 5 other people to speak for him.  We love his dark and brooding ways,  but he’s now one of two, not one of six.  Harder to hide that way.

In the meantime, excuse me while I go rescue my libido.  😉

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