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Kim Woo Bin talks with Dramafever fans through Google Hangout

Dramafever  had their first celebrity google hangout.  Kim Woo Bin was awesome enough to be the first and help promote his movie  “The Technicians” which is currently showing on Dramafever.   They even allowed members a chance to talk to him directly.   I thought about signing up for that, but figured that it would probably be more fun for the younger ones.  As much as I like Kim Woo Bin, we shouldn’t scare the poor boy. lol

My friends at DF worked really hard to make this google hangout go well and I just have to say that they did a great job.  Even though I didn’t talk directly with Woo Bin, it still felt intimate and personal and I smiled like a giddy school girl the whole time.

Some of the things I found most interesting from the interview:

-he likes both cats and dogs.

-he likes to draw and paint and considering he mentioned having all the supplies for such passions,  I imagine he has an art room.

-His favorite Hollywood celebrity is Brad Pitt.   Now this became really funny because they don’t call him Brad.  For whatever reason, mostly due to the quirks of the language, they say Bang instead.  Well, that’s the Korean word for bread.  *chuckles*   Pair that up with polite honorifics for an older male and basically they call him ‘older brother bread”.   I will NEVER be able to think about Brad Pitt’s name the same way again.

-He is serious about becoming a good actor.  So he is making a list of 100 goals that will help become a good actor.  Attributes to work on, skills to gain.   He does the same thing with his character developments.  He mentioned in another interview that each character he portrays has to answer a 100 item questionnaire.   That sort of dedication is going to lead him to great places.

For more of this interview, you can watch this link to the hangout yourself.  I have one more question… whose office were they using?

Kim Woo Bin was such a great sport about this whole thing.  He was a champ.  Great job.



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The Dramafever Video Club “The Technicians” Review

Taleena and I both make some points in our review of Kim Woo Bin’s  The Technicians.

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Getting a Man to like Kdramas

I had a lot of fun this last week introducing a friend of mine to Kdramas.  He’s a manly sort of guy,  likes his southern rock,  works as a welder, not the sort you’d think would at first want to even watch a show with pretty men in it. lol

However, when I found out that he liked anime, I realized, I had an opening.  Considering his age, close to mine, and his manly man type of nature, I suggested that he might really like a show called Gentleman’s Dignity.


Why was this my first suggestion?

The easy answer is that this is a clever drama that caters to those of us who count as Gen X’ers.   This drama is also told from the perspectives of the 4 men.   Yes, you get some of what the ladies are going through too, but only in regards to how it impacts the men.

I love this drama.  Its one of my all time favorites.  The little vignettes before each episode  are mostly about things that are quirks for men, but they are all age related.  For a woman our age, we all know men like these four and I laughed and laughed.  When they made fun of things that pertained to anyone our age, I laughed even harder.   When the men  hurt, you hurt with them, this was also true for my male friend.


He liked the different female characters when they were tough and when they were cute.  He really identified with Jang Dong Gun’s character Do Jin.   He liked that he was a take charge type of character that knew what he liked, what he wanted and kept working towards it.   The charcter of Yi Soo,  Do Jin’s love interest, quickly got on my friend’s nerves, ( “He should drop her and keep walking)  but he still kept watching.    He liked that Do Jin was an alpha male type of character and he really identified with him when Colin shows up to complicate the story.   When Do Jin cried  at the idea of losing Yi Soo my friend’s response was , “Oh sh*t, he’s crying!”.

He also liked the character of Kim Dong Hyeob played by Kim Woo Bin.  He starts off as a trouble maker, but then you find out that he’s in a tough situation just trying to do his best and you can’t help but respect the kid.

What it all boils down to is finding something that peaks your guys interest.  I went for an age related comedy, you might have a guy who likes action more, so maybe City Hunter or Iris  or Two Weeks might be a good suggestion.   If nothing else, have him try Gentleman’s Dignity and see if he likes it.

I leave you with the text I got after he finished it:

“I liked it. As Korean shows..a bit too dramatic and not the right kind of communication but all in all, I really enjoyed it. They love American culture that is for sure. I would love to dress like those guys in some case..I cant wear turquoise or white pants tho.”




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