Songwriters beware…

As a singer, I appreciate songwriters.   While anyone can make a song, I hum all sorts of things,   crafting a good song that others will actually want to listen to is not so easy.   Songs often carry a musical signature that identifies the author of the song.   Everyone knows a John Williams piece when they hear it.   Taylor Swift also has a sound you can’t miss.  Madonna and Micheal Jackson also have signature sounds.   As I become more familiar with Kpop, I’m starting to hear those similarities as well.   Some are more glaring then others.   The idea of this post started when I heard  Speed’s new tune,  Don’t Tease Me produced by Shinsadong Tiger.

When I heard, I loved it.  I loved the beat and the tone of the song.  However there was something very familiar about this song.   I couldn’t place it but I was getting flashes of something else and it took me a few hours to place it.    I finally had a memory flash strong enough to remember that the chorus sounded strongly like a part in Block B’s NalinA sung specifically by P.O.   Take a listen and see if you can hear it.  Start the video at 1:00.

I knew Speed wasn’t copying their sound so that could only mean the songwriter/producer had to be the same.    While I couldn’t find anything concrete that said Tiger worked on both,  if you pay attention to the first minute of the Block B video, you’ll see one of the “team” names is “team tiger”.    Between that and the similarities of the songs,  I’m going on a limb to say its the same guy.

Songwriters will let many groups use their music, and that’s great for them.  Just watch out when the songs sound the same.   I’ve already seen a few comments where people were talking about copycat sounds and that’s not the groups fault nor the songwriters fault.   Just something to keep in mind.

As a bonus, I’m including a link to the stunt practice Speed took part in so they could do the more amazing stunts in this dance.  These kids have some skills.



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