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Where’s the Milk?

Frootloops Collage

Song Joong Ki and Froot Loops.  I’m hungry.

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Mad TV does a Kdrama Parody

Such a funny parody.

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Does your life mirror a Kdrama?


Alas, I don’t get to be a kdrama lead because I kiss with my eyes closed.  LOL!

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Blue eyes in a Blue World

I have a thing for blue eyes.  I can’t help it.  I see them and I quiver.   So my liking of Asian flower boys has always been a bit of a dichotomy because I don’t get all that excited by dark eyes and hair.   But, pair dark hair with blue eyes and I’m melting like butter on a hot griddle.

HOWEVER… Super Junior released a song in December called Blue World.  I don’t know how I missed this one till now, but  its a fun video full of my favorite color splashed all over the place.  Nice song, good beat, danceable.   However, those little stinkers in editing took that dark vibrant shade of blue and flashed it through their eyes.  *Whimper*

SuperJunior Blue Eyes

My favorite member Kyuhyun with blue eyes.   This is mean torture for this Ajumma.  This boy was already beautiful to begin with.  *sigh*

If you also like blue eyes,  there is an artist who photoshopped Kpop Idols, both sexes, with blue eyes and those pictures were shared by another on Pinterest.

Here’s Super Junior’s Blue World



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This is me…


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If I could just find one close by…

According to Dramafever News, men love kdramas as much as we women do.   Fun article, worth the read.   His reasons for liking kdramas are the same as mine.  Now….if I could just find a man to share all this with.  😛

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Thoughts on beginning something new

I love watching my dramas.   Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese….it doesn’t matter.  Love talking about them, but have no one I can really talk to about them.  Blogging about them is proving to be intimidating to start.   What do I do?  Review the ones that I’m almost done with?  (My Love from Another Star)  Or recap the episodes that I’m in the middle of?  (Prince of Lan Ling)  Aaaargh!  lol

I wish I had readers to ask advice on, but I’ve yet to share this blog with anyone because I’m not happy with my content yet.  So, if and when I do get this shared,  enjoy a little laughter at my confusion. lol



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A Professor’s take on Kdramas and some other humor

While reading up on some drama news I saw an article on Dramafever about this economic professor who wrote a humor paper on his love of Korean dramas and what he had learned.  The paper deals with the hilarity and craziness of the kdrama mother.  A character for whom their own child is God and every potential mate the spawn of hell come to corrupt their child’s perfection.  Its funny reading and so I give you the link to his school website and look for the paper called “Introductory Korean Drama”.

Also,  here’s a youtube video from someone also talking about some of the things you may learn from Korean dramas.  LOL!


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